Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Wake Up Call

I was going through some files the other day and came upon my "Credit Report" file. I looked through my report and saw that back in 2005, my balances on my credit cards were around $200 for one and $165 for the other. I felt so sad.

How I wish my credit card balances were that low again. But of course, that balance has ballooned now to $8k, $7k, $3k and $3k on my credit cards. In 4 years, I have gotten more broke. Of course, in that period of time, I graduated, married and started working.

The debt mentioned above does not include student loans (over $50k) and a car loan ($20k). Although I make a half-decent salary now ($51k), the daily bills still keep going from one paycheck to the next.

It's time to go on a diet!

Money Dieter


  1. Set up a chart so we can monitor your progress and keep you accountable. I use Google Spreadsheets.

  2. This is the time to get focused....or else those debts you have right now can get worse. Now or never :)

  3. Good luck with your progress! added you on my blogroll

  4. Good luck tackling your debt. When I got my wake up call in 2007, I was $105K in debt (including student loans and car). I read the book Total Money Makeover and created a plan. Now living paycheck to paycheck isn't so bad since I feel like I am in control of my money. Each paycheck represent a step in the right direction.