Friday, May 29, 2009


The husband took the car in yesterday and Just Brakes fixed it for around $100. He said that they kept pressuring him to fix this and fix that. I'm glad that he stayed strong! I hate the pressures of mechanics.

I haven't checked my bank account yet, but $1300 in my bank. I'm salary so there's no guess there. This is the last check that they are taking out for the Becker CPA Exam cost so it my paycheck will increase a little with the next check. My next check should be $1500. Yay!

This weekend, I will write down all my debt so you can follow along as I tackle them! I am also closing down my Bank of America checking account since I direct deposit my checks to Charles Schwab. BOA charges me around $5 to keep my checking account. No thanks!

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  1. Thanks for your nice comment. I look forward to following along on your debt repayment journey. I sometimes get good ideas by learning the strategies of others (or just motivation if the strategy is the usual tried-and-true "pay, pay, and pay some more.")

    I don't like the big, bloated banks. They are too big for their britches, in my opinion. I prefer little friendly local banks who are glad to have the business, and Etrade who also acts like it is glad to have my business. I'm sure Schwab is similar - you'll be glad you switched away from big ole BOA.

  2. Hey, about the money bars on the side, it's an html code. I stole it from someone else's page through the View Page Source thing and edited it for my page. I can't put the code here, it won't be accepted, but you can steal it from me. If you right-click on my page, click on "View Page Source" and look through the code until you find the "Progress bar widget." Then you can just copy and paste into your page and edit it however you want. Sorry, there might be an easier way to do it, but I'm not sure how.