Saturday, August 29, 2009

Refinancing the Car

We went to a credit union to try and refinance the car. Unfortunately, it's the same song again. The last time we called a different credit union, they couldn't refinance the car since it's worth a lot less than what we still owe on it. $8k to be exact. It really sucks. We are paying a little over $500 each month. And it's not even a BMW.

Please, please. Don't rush into buying a car when you are out of options. We got stuck in this situation through a lot of rush-rush chaos. I totaled our one and only car. We had to be in a rental for the weekend, trying to find a new car. Since we didn't have any money and we had little credit, we just took whatever car the dealer would give us. We had no idea about negotiating or anything. We were young then (or that's my excuse anyways!). But just don't rush it.

Ask someone for help. Don't let the car salesman screw you over.

Money Dieter

P.S. For now, we'll be paying our $500 for 3 more years or at least until we can try to refi it again.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doing Better

Having my parent's help really put us in a better place. We have about $2k in the bank right now. And I am saving every last little bit so I can pay my parents back before year end. I am excited about that since it is just a matter of cutting back. I also want to buy them a washer and dryer with my own money.

Tomorrow is not a pay period, but next week is! And I am excited about that. It's nice not to have to worry that I am not getting paid tomorrow. So this is how financially-secure people feel.

I love it!

Money Dieter