Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Credit Score

I decided to enroll in one of those free trial to see what my credit score is. The last time I checked, my score was fair. I wanted to see whether it had gone up or donwn. Most likely down, but I was still curious as I want to work aggressively at increasing my score.

I checked and my score with TransUnion is at 680. I would like that score to go up to 720 by year-end. That means paying down those credit cards.

Unfortunately, my brakes need work so the Husband will be taking my car into the shop. Hoping that the total cost will be around $120. Supposedly Just Brakes will do it for $99.99 for four axles. Hopefully that's true and they do a good job.

So $120 is coming out of the checking since we are trying to stop charging on all the cards. Thankfully I get paid tomorrow. That will help out a lot since rent is due on the 1st!

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  1. By law you get a free credit report from all 3 every year without having to finagle those creepy trial offers.

    That's the offical one. All the others are just sneaky companies hoping you'll 'forget' to cancel before the trial is over.