Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's my problem?

This Friday, I am getting paid and will have about $3k in the bank. I keep seeing that money and wanting to put it towards credit cards. The other half keeps telling me no. You see, in the past I have put a lot of money towards credit cards and then something comes up and we are out of money once again. And then we turn back towards the credit cards. So I clearly see his point.

The plan is to put some money into the savings account so I don't see the money in the checking account. For some reason, that money in there just makes me itch! I just want to put it somewhere else. So we will put $500 in savings and keep paying 3x the minimum payment on one of the cards so that if something does come up, we'll have some cash in the checking account.

Do you have the same problem as I do?

Money Dieter

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brake Issues

In May of this year, we took my car into the shop to get new brake pads. We went to none other than Just Brakes. I am not sure if they are located everywhere in the US, but they are in Georgia.

After I got my brake pads changed, my steering wheel would shudder when I brake. It was the most annoying thing ever! So we went back to Just Brakes and they said that we needed new calipers. I decided to call Tires Plus and the guy there told me that my car shouldn't need new brakes (only 44,000 miles on it) and for me to take it in to get it inspected.

Well, that was last weekend. We took it in today and he told us that we definitely didn't need new calipers and he totally said that Just Brakes sucks! We needed new brake pads and new rotors since they are warped from the bad job that Just Brakes did. I was worried that we were getting duped again. I'm not very trusting of car mechanics.

So I called Meineke for a second opinion. He said that maybe we can just get the brake pads restuffed and possibly resurface the rotors. He also said that Just Brakes suck. The price was very similar to what Tires Plus offered us so we decided to go with Tires Plus since we were getting new pads and rotors.

The damage: $297.06. It sucks that we had to pay this money, but we learned our lesson and that is, don't go to Just Brakes. I am sure some are better than other, but now we know that if it's too cheap, it is probably not very good quality.

I drove the car afterwards and no shuddering! It's the most comforting feeling ever.

Money Dieter

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things are Looking Up

We have about $2,000 in the bank right now. And this Friday, I get pay again. So that means that we could possibly put another $1,000 onto one of our credit cards. If we keep saving, we could possibly pay off the $3k credit card by the end of October. That is quite ambitious, but with a strong will, there will be a way. Or something like that.

I have been having the urge to buy some nice clothes for work. I keep thinking that it's such a great investment in myself. And it really is, except that I need to pay off my debt and that comes first for me. So I will suck it up and keep shopping at Target and cheaper places for cute pieces.

We are so fortunate to be where we are right now. Remember that it could be worse.

Money Dieter