Friday, May 29, 2009


The husband took the car in yesterday and Just Brakes fixed it for around $100. He said that they kept pressuring him to fix this and fix that. I'm glad that he stayed strong! I hate the pressures of mechanics.

I haven't checked my bank account yet, but $1300 in my bank. I'm salary so there's no guess there. This is the last check that they are taking out for the Becker CPA Exam cost so it my paycheck will increase a little with the next check. My next check should be $1500. Yay!

This weekend, I will write down all my debt so you can follow along as I tackle them! I am also closing down my Bank of America checking account since I direct deposit my checks to Charles Schwab. BOA charges me around $5 to keep my checking account. No thanks!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Credit Score

I decided to enroll in one of those free trial to see what my credit score is. The last time I checked, my score was fair. I wanted to see whether it had gone up or donwn. Most likely down, but I was still curious as I want to work aggressively at increasing my score.

I checked and my score with TransUnion is at 680. I would like that score to go up to 720 by year-end. That means paying down those credit cards.

Unfortunately, my brakes need work so the Husband will be taking my car into the shop. Hoping that the total cost will be around $120. Supposedly Just Brakes will do it for $99.99 for four axles. Hopefully that's true and they do a good job.

So $120 is coming out of the checking since we are trying to stop charging on all the cards. Thankfully I get paid tomorrow. That will help out a lot since rent is due on the 1st!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Wake Up Call

I was going through some files the other day and came upon my "Credit Report" file. I looked through my report and saw that back in 2005, my balances on my credit cards were around $200 for one and $165 for the other. I felt so sad.

How I wish my credit card balances were that low again. But of course, that balance has ballooned now to $8k, $7k, $3k and $3k on my credit cards. In 4 years, I have gotten more broke. Of course, in that period of time, I graduated, married and started working.

The debt mentioned above does not include student loans (over $50k) and a car loan ($20k). Although I make a half-decent salary now ($51k), the daily bills still keep going from one paycheck to the next.

It's time to go on a diet!

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