Saturday, October 3, 2009


I've been splurging, buying nice new things and thankfully I came on here tonight. I love reading all the personal finance blogs since they put me back on my feet, instead of dreaming away, thinking that my debt problems will solve itself.

Plans for the week:
-Bring lunch everyday
-No buying anything this whole week until Saturday

I read on someone's blog about going to the grocery store every 2 weeks instead of every week. I don't think we stocked up enough for that so we will have to go this coming weekend, but I am going to start trying that.

I also rescheduled one part of my CPA which took me back $95. It sucks, but hopefully this will give me more time to study and hopefully pass on my first try.

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  1. My oldest child is applying to colleges. I've been hit up for test fees, sending-test fees, fees just to submit financial aid applications, fees for anything and everything I can think of. Ironic, huh - that applying to college, in order to better oneself, generates fees everywhere you turn, and even applying for aid to meet the costs of college generates a fee seemingly with each form submitted.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I find alot of comfort and encouragement reading other personal finance blogs, and added yours to my Reader.

    Sending lots of good luck for the CPA exam! I passed the exam over 20 years ago when the testing was so different than it is today! (and much cheaper too!). LOL

  3. Hi there, thanks for reading! I found that I did have to slowly stock up on certain stuff in order to lessen my grocery shopping to once every two weeks -- things like meats, which I portion out and freeze, and just pantry staples I use for the majority of my meals. Good luck on your exam and reducing your debt!

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